The Misunderstanding of Wearing Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

The Misunderstanding of Wearing Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

1.Long and thin Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer,Will cover the original Double-fold eyelids folding line, and will also appear small eyes, eyeballs outburst, very thriller!
2.Paste position error, canthus drooping, there is no sense of existence in the eye,very abrupt
3.The eyelashes are too messy and exaggerated.
4.The adhesive is not strong enough, eye head position especially easy to fall off, this situation is really awkward!
Therefore, it is the best way to select the appropriate length, Dense density appropriate factory price eyelashes manufacture. Don’t be frightened by these embarrassing things. sit through  this article, You can also become Killer for mink eyelashes.
So how do we avoid these the wrong region

First, different occasions choose different styles.
Natural style: the false eyelashes for daily use are almost all the necessary styles of all make-up artists and are often added to increase the density.

Dense style: the distribution of eyelashes will be more dense, according to different needs, there will be intermediate encryption or eye – tail encryption and other styles.

Stage style: this kind of Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer are usually fit not out of the modelling, often seen in the T table and other specific occasions. Sometimes there are some particularly cute or the modeling of Special Immortals, and if you’re going to a big party, It’s absolutely the focus of the night
So before you put on the mink eyelashes, you must think about the occasion you are in. You can’t be too dense at any time. If you go out for fun, choose a lengthened one. If you join in the queue. That’s the more exaggerated, the better

Second, different eye types choose different  mink eyelashes
Single eyelid: Most people with single eyelids eyelid all Lack of support. The Mink Eyelashes Manufacturerof the hard rod can be selected to increase the support force. If you are a single eyelid with Ocular fatty layer is not thick, As long as a pair of hard rod eyelashes  can get double eyelids

Or choose a natural style of false eyelashes  deuterogamy the eye shadow using .Full opening  the mental aura
Double-fold eyelids: this type of eye type is easier to choose, the most suitable for the false eyelashes of the transparent rod, and all kinds of lengthening or exaggerated styles can be tried

Inner binocular skin: too long false eyelashes will appear to be small in the eyes. The overly natural Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer style is too weak stick on haven’t effect. So the best choice is the natural style in the encrypt.

The eyes are too round: to make up the problem of too round eyes by lengthening the tail of the eye. The same reason, if your eye type is too long, then choose the intermediate encryption.

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