3D Mink Lashes BL3D14



Product maintain:

  1. from the box out, to follow the direction of eyelash, fingers gently removed from the lid off, the middle to pinch the false eyelashes quickly pulled down, do not pull two or three hair pulling down.
  2. used to thoroughly remove the false eyelashes adhesive above, neatly into the box, Don’t stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil, etc. to false eyelashes. otherwise it will destroy.
  3. in the cleaning of false eyelashes, false eyelashes to clean with special unloading eye makeup remover water, rub the false eyelashes with a cotton press, first from the root, then the front part, the action must be light, otherwise it  can’t be recycled.

How to remove false eyelashes:

Unload the false eyelashes, gently unload, do not tear hard! When tearing, as close as possible to the root of the false eyelashes, before tearing, first use the hand to distinguish between the true and false eyelashes. Make sure that you have a false eyelash, not a true lash, When tearing, tearing from the end of the eye to the head of the eye is better.. If you want to make false eyelashes longer, not to use the eye makeup remover. Apply to tear! Of course, the false eyelashes must not be applied once. If you don’t mind some very short life, hope to use the uninstall liquid and then deposited over the tear can be torn down. Every time, the false eyelash root will have to get rid of the glue, if you do not try to clean up the root of the eyelash glue will be more and more thick eyelashes itself is very thin very soft stems will be because of these deposits the glue thick eyelashes that life is short!

Removal of lash glue:

The water of the ice can be compared with the sticky alcohol of the make-up cotton. Then gently wrap the torn eyelash root to let the 2 lashes root completely wrapped in the make-up cotton, about 10 minutes over. You will find the root of the dry and hard rubber and become white, and very very soft. At this time try to take a hand close to the root of the eyelash in one hand and tweezers slowly tear off the mascara generally can also be removed very clean.After you tear it up, you can slightly bend your eyelashes, move the roots into natural arcs to make up for the eyelash deformation caused by the tear of eyelashes and the glue removed from the eyelashes, and put them back into your box.


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