3D Mink Lashes BL3D13A


100% Brand new

Make your eyes look bright and attractive

For party and daily use

Can be removed by eye makeup remover

Simple to use and comfortable to wear

Match your causal and party makeup

Can be used many times if they are used and removed properly

Best Quality



Mink Eyelashes Private Label course

How to attach the eyelashes

(1) A little adhesive glue on the edge of Mink Eyelashes Private Label, because both ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be a little more, pay attention to adhesive glue do not stick on the false eyelashes. (2) Coat a layer of eyelash glue along your eyelashes. The length of the eye should be measured before applying the adhesive. If it is too long, you need to trim the false eyelashes. Apply the tweezers to the false eyelashes carefully, and pay attention to the thin and uniform coating. The adhesive force is strongest when it comes to dry, and it takes about 5 seconds later., When the glue is dry, to hand the false eyelash bends, let it soften. Then, eyes look at the mirror, adjust the angle of false eyelashes and gently press the false eyelashes along the eyelashes. Use your hands to about 10 seconds or so,Make your eyelashes and false eyelash knead together.

It is worth noting that adhesive glue is the strongest binding force when it comes to dry, it is transparent on the skin, and the effect is good. If the glue is stuck when it is not dry, the false eyelashes will droop. Again and again several times, the adhesive will become white and have to be covered with an eyeliner.

How to unload the Mink Eyelashes Private Label

The removal of false eyelashes remover oil product is invalid, the eye does not hurt the skin gluewater, sensitive muscle does not appear allergy, dry is transparent, does not affect the eye makeup, and remove lightly Mink Eyelashes Private Label, pulled out of it like a rubber band, very safe, durable degree is also very high now. A lot of fakes, if you want to choose to buy eyelashes, can choose our company, our company’s eyelashes, security is relatively high, the quality is relatively better than other products, and we also provide the eye does not hurt the skin of the eyelash gluewater, will not cause skin damage

How to maintain the Mink Lashes Private Label correctly

  1. use a special collection box

False eyelashes are usually arranged in rows when they are just bought. This is not good for false eyelashes to keep curling. The use of a special false eyelash box can not only keep the original shape of the false eyelashes, but also avoid the extrusion deformation.

  1. Take it gently use hand

the lashes slim beautiful, but very fragile, so be careful when in use, the box is removed, to follow the direction of eyelash, finger out, or the use of false eyelash clip special gently removed, not by hand is to pull it out

  1. the way to remove need correct  makeup

From the eyelid eyelashes off, pull down the middle to pinch the false eyelashes, the action should be in a clean manner, and must not be pulled down by two or three eyelashes.

  1. keep the eyelashes clean

The used eyelashes should thoroughly clean the adhesive on the top, neatly put into the box, pay attention not to stick the eye shadow powder and eyelash oil to the false eyelashes, otherwise, it will dirty and destroy the Mink Eyelashes Private Label.

  1. cycle use

False eyelashes can be recycled. After unloading, they are placed in a cup filled with disinfectant water. The glue on the false eyelashes on the second day is off, so that we can use it again.


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